Join Sharing Cities Action

There are different levels of engagement options for your city:

 1. Join the task force and stay updated 

Sharing Cities Action is a collaboration between nearly 70 global cities to ensure city sovereignty, to promote socio-economic development, to collaborate in the regulation of and negotiations with platforms, to defend and adapt labour and digital rights, and to promote public innovation, criteria for platform differentiation and the promotion of platforms with positive impact, among others.

Collaboration is vital if we are to fulfill these objectives. Join the task force to stay informed on cities’ noteworthy events, news and next steps. The communications sent include invitations and updates to participate in international encounters and the upcoming Sharing Cities Summit.

How to join

There is no formal membership or fee for taking part in Sharing Cities Action. You can express your interest by sending us an e-mail ( with the contact details of the unit (name, position, e-mail, phone number) that deals with issues concerning the digital or platform economy in your city or region.


 2. A step further: join the Declaration of Sharing Cities and support the common goals 

Why is the Declaration important for cities? 

  • It is the result of a cocreation process of consultations with the cities held prior to the Sharing Cities Summit 2018. 
  • It is a valuable resource for communicating cities’ common views. It is a symbolic message, delivered globally, about cities’ general approach towards the platform and sharing economies. It is meant to ensure that platforms and other institutions take into consideration cities’ roles and perspectives on this issue.
  • It is a framework to support collaboration actions among cities and to build on our common strategies. It is a declaration of intent so that cities can collaborate on sharing policy matters and reinforce their sovereignty. 

How to join

The Declaration is not legally binding, as we are aware of the diverse and complex processes of decision-making that would be involved in making it so. Nor is there any expectation or need for you to follow a legal policy approval process.

Rather than a formal validation process by your city council, signing the Declaration would just entail political validation by the political representatives in charge of this topic to ensure your city agrees and validates the content in general terms. Thus we are not expecting a formal signature. If necessary, you can sign provisionally while waiting for internal ratification.

How to join: let us know you are interested by sending us an email to