Exhibition Sharing Stand

70 projects belonging to the collaborative oriented platform economy, both national and international, are exhibited in the Sharing Stand at Smart City Expo World Congress.


The Sharing Cities Summit is part of the Smart city Expo World Congress 2018. About 70 projects both national and international belonging to the collaborative oriented platform economy ecosystem are exposed in the exhibition area. These projects have been selected by an advisory board, after an open call for participation. You can find the digital posters that collectives and organizations are presenting bellow. 

Besides the exhibition area, the stand hosts a dynamic area, called AGORA, where different actors of the ecosystem run workshops, presentations and open meet up’s about the different relevant topics related to the platform economy. Also, the stand will have a resting area as well as a working area, where people can connect and build networking.


Content avaliable
The digital posters presented in the exhibition at Sharing Stand are available for download below. Don’t miss to check out the images in Summit in pictures.



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