Reports and Outcomes

The following publications are a series of reports part of the Sharing Cities Action task force, a programme promoted by the Barcelona City Council and the Open University of Catalonia to address the debate about the challenges and opportunities of Sharing Economy.


Short-Term Rentals: Data, Negotiation and Collaboration Strategies for Cities (June 2020)

24 cities from 15 countries participate in the study Short-Term Rentals: Data, Negotiation and Collaboration Strategies for Cities. The report shows excessive difficulty in negotiations between cities and short term rental platforms. The majority of the cities participating in the study have attempted to establish negotiations with the Short-Term Rental Platforms operating within their administrative limits. Keep reading


Towards a Feminist Digital Economy: Initiatives, Debates and Policies (March 2020)

The Sharing Cities Action Encounter 2019 had a determined feminist approach. Gender inequalities were made visible in a way nobody can have a doubt about it: with data. This resource collects all the contributions made regarding the issues women have to deal with, so that we keep working towards a more egalitarian digital society. Keep reading


City Resources on Socially Responsible Platform Models (March 2020)

As Platform Economy is growing rapidly and exponentially, we should be able to detect the existence of different platform models. This might help us appreciate which models have potential to contribute to a fairer sustainable development of society. Keep reading


Outcomes of the Year 2019 and Forward Action for 2020 (February 2020)

The Sharing Cities Action Encounter 2019 ​congregated 30 cities representatives from around the world and 150 actors from the international sharing ecosystem. The key topics tackled were: The Future of Work, Inclusion and Gender Equality, Data Policies and Commons, and Environmental Susntainability. Read about the outcomes achieved, collaborations, as well as the conclusions & forward action for 2020.  Keep reading


Über-influential? How the Gig Economy’s Lobbyists undermine Social and Workers Rights (September 2019)

The study by CEO shows how platforms like Uber and Airbnb are fighting the regulation of their sector in Europe. “Über Influential” reveals lobbying tactics of the billion-dollar corporations, whose business depends on the exemption from social and workers’ rights laws, as well as the tax rules that apply to their analogue competitors. Keep reading


An Overview of Public Policies of the Sharing Economy by Cities (July 2019)

What are governments doing to achieve more sharing cities? This report provides an overview of the public policies carried out by cities regarding the challenges and opportunities opened up by the Sharing Economy. Keep reading