2019 Participants

In the Sharing Cities Action Encounter 2019 is proposed a special programme that brings the Sharing Cities ecosystem together to cocreate sustainable and democratic models for the future focused on Platform Labour, Inclusion & Gender, and Data Commons.

Meet the platforms, activists, businesses, researchers, city government representatives, organizations and initiatives that are taking part in this new encounter to discuss the future of the platform economy and collaborative economy by focusing on three main themes: Platform Labour, Inclusion & Gender, and Data Commons.



Public administration



  • Almere City Council
  • Amsterdam City Council
  • Athens City Council
  • Atlanta City Council
  • Barcelona City Council 
  • Berlin House of Representatives
  • Bologna City Council
  • Gothenburg City Council
  • Grenoble City Council
  • Lisbon
  • Milan City Council
  • Montreal City Council
  • New York City
  • Paris City Council
  • Seoul
  • Stockholm City Council
  • Sydney
  • Taipei
  • Tallinn
  • The Hague City Council
  • Umea City Council
  • Valencia City Council
  • Vienna City Council
  • Wroclaw City Council


Business Platforms 

Civil society

Other participants