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Following the huge success of the Sharing Cities Stand at the Smart City Expo World Congress last November 2018, the stand is back this year with the aim of taking the Declaration of Sharing Cities even further.


Last year, the Sharing Cities Stand gathered together a large international crowd from the platform economy community: more than 70 initiatives were exhibited, over 100 key speakers were presented, and a full programme of roundtables, workshops and meetups were organized on topics like labour, mobility, tourism, gender, city sovereignty, public policies, and more. (Don’t forget that you can access the recorded sessions, notes and slides at this link.) This year’s event will be held from 19 to 21 November and will adopt a more active/output-oriented approach (which is why we have named it “Stand Lab”). Its aim? To take the Declaration of Sharing Cities even further.

 Key working lines:  
  • Economic Models & the Future of Labour. New business models to improve regulation and prodemocratic platform models, economic sustainability and the right to work and the city.
  • Inclusion & Gender. Integrating the gender perspective and ensuring inclusion in sharing policies and digital platforms.
  • Data. Negotiation with platforms for data access, building data commons and data regulation.
  • In addition to the three issues previously described, the programme will shed light on the Ecological Sustainability topic in a transversal way. Circular economy and climate change will be a crosscutting point. 
 Key outcomes:  
  • 2020 Action Plan: participants will use the 3-day programme to draw up a 2020 Action Plan for the Platform Economy and the Collaborative Economy.
  • Hackathon on sharing data commons and the Data Commons Manifesto: mapping of datasets and systematization through the Sharing Data Commons.
  • A model gender plan for sharing cities and platforms.


Cities, organizations, civil society and research

Cities will be able to engage with the stand and its activities in different ways, whether it is by participating in specific sessions for cities or taking an active part in the broader programme of activities. We want the Sharing Cities Action Stand Lab to be the place to be at the Smart City Expo World Congress. For organizational purposes, we would ask that you let us know if your city is planning to attend, any specific topics you would like us to address, or if you would like to speak at one of the workshops or even organize one. Don’t hesitate to contact us at!

And last but not least, the Sharing Cities Action Stand Lab is meant to be a home away from home for the international ecosystem and its stakeholders. We encourage you to spread the word among all your partners, local organizations and communities, and research centres. Please note, the call for slots in the project exhibition area or to organize a workshop has been closed.  Visit this section on the Sharing Cities Action Stand Lab for more information.