Outcome: Towards a Feminist Digital Economy

The Sharing Cities Action Encounter 2019 had a determined feminist approach. The lack of inclusion and equality between women and men in the new Digital Era was placed at the foreground of the analysis and debate. Gender inequalities were made visible in a way nobody can have a doubt about it, with data. During three days we learned about different initiatives that can be understood within a feminist digital frame; we debated on the consequences of gender inequalities on the life of women; and we discussed public policies’ measures that can lead to gender equality and close the gap. 

We gave voice to researchers, practitioners, public administration representatives, third sector initiatives and private entrepreneurs around two main goals: help us to define a feminist framework on this digital transformation era, and have a broad understanding of what a gender approach in the digital and technological sector involves.

The aim of this document is to gather the key ideas from all the sessions about gender and equality held in the Encounter 2019. This collection of data wants to make visible the issues that the participants dealt with so that in the future we keep working towards a more egalitarian digital society.

Towards a Feminist Digital Economy: Initiatives, Debates and Policies