June 3: Cities Against Covid Global Summit Seoul

In these times of global crisis, cooperation and solidarity are more important than ever. As a result of the need to work together and share perspectives around a post-COVID-19 world has come out the Cities Against COVID-19 Global Summit, organized by Seoul. The city hosts CAC2020 from 1st to 5th June, just a few months after the announcement that the next Sharing Cities Summit will be held by the capital of South Korea.

#CAC2020 focuses on rethinking the future of cities in terms of education, culture, citizen participation, or even sharing cities. [Check the full programme] This last topic will be specifically developed on June 3 from 18 to 19:30h Korean time,  (11:00 to 12:30 CET time). The participants in the Discussion on Urban Sharing will try to answer how to reinforce the publicness and resilience of cities in the post-COVID-19 era.

This panel will feature the interventions of experts around the issue of sharing cities. Some of them are partners and collaborators of the network of global cities, Sharing Cities Action. The confirmed speakers are Álvaro Porro (Commissioner of Social Economy at Barcelona City Council, partner of Sharing Cities Action), Michael Bawens (Founder of the P2P Foundation), Neal Gorenflo (Co-founder of Shareable), Harmen van Sprang (Co-founder of the Sharing Cities Alliance), Jeong Seon-Ae (Director of Seoul Innovation Bureau) and Lee Seoungwon (Researcher, Center for Asian Cities, Seoul National University Asia Center).

The event will be open and can be followed via the Seoul City Youtube Live channel. The complete programme can be consulted at http://eng.cac2020.or.kr/