Report: City Resources on Socially Responsible Platform Models

The Platform Economy is growing rapidly and exponentially. Some of the most known businesses are provoking controversial impacts, such as gentrification and underpayment of goods and services. However, other Platform Economy initiatives are contributing to the sustainable development of society, significantly signalling the Platform Economy’s potential in contributing to sustainable development. 

The fact that different business models coexist within the Platform Economy, and that each of them has different potential impacts, points out the need for differentiating these models. Establishing a proper framework for differentiating platforms can help to decide which models should be promoted and/or funded according to their potential to contribute to a fairer sustainable development of society.

This report contributes to addressing this challenge by providing a multidisciplinary framework for platform’ differentiation. Contrary to previous research, this report considers questions related to technological and economic aspects while integrating other sustainability relevant questions, such as environmental impact, gender equality and social inclusion, and legal implications. 

City Resources on Socially Responsible Platform Models