Sharing Cities Action Stand Lab

From 19 to 21 November, a new encounter will take place at the Sharing Cities Action Stand Lab at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2019 (SCEWC). The goal is for the Sharing Cities Task Force and all relevant stakeholders to jointly devise a 2020 Action Plan for the Platform Economy and the Collaborative Economy based on the Declaration of Sharing Cities. This will also be a chance for the Declaration to reach around 700 cities and over 21,000 SCEWC attendees. Over the course of three days, an intensive programme complete with project exhibitions, discussions at the Open Forum space, workshops and hackathon sessions will take place at the Sharing Cities Stand Lab at the SCEWC. The activities will be structured around three main topics: (1) Economic Models & the Future of Labour; (2) Inclusion & Gender; and (3) Data. Join in!

Sharing Cities Task Force

In response to the Declaration of Sharing Cities, the Sharing Cities Task Force has undertaken to foster collaboration among cities so that together they can implement real action plans that help to tackle the challenges and leverage the opportunities of the platform economy. The aims include creating a global network of cities that work hand in hand to ensure city sovereignty; promoting socioeconomic development; collaborating in regulation negotiations and negotiations with platforms; and adapting and defending labour and digital rights, public innovation, specific criteria for platform differentiation and the promotion of platforms with a positive impact. Visit the Sharing Cities Task Force section for an overview of everything being done and to learn how your city can join!