Cities Task Force

70 cities from around the world are a part of Sharing Cities Action, a task force established in Barcelona to promote collaborative actions in regard to the challenges and opportunities posed by the platform economy. Who is already a member of this working group? What are its objectives? Would your city like to join?

The platform economy is growing exponentially and has become a key priority of governments around the world. The disruptive impact of the best-known cases, such as Airbnb or Uber, has generated a great deal of public controversy. Socially responsible platforms also exist, but they have received less attention.

The already-present trends in the transition from industrial manufacture to digital platforms are further accelerating due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that these difficult times of crisis also bring new opportunities. Never before have we had such a clear opportunity to look at a real-life situation and question what a resilient city means in the context of digital transformation. Now more than ever, Sharing Cities matters.

Nearly 70 global cities are already working together on the issue of sharing cities and the platform economy. We at the Sharing Cities Action task force encourage you to become a part of this international group. 




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