The Encounter 2019’s Sharing Cities Action Stand Lab offers a three-day programme. Its aim? To come up with alternative models for the future, focusing on three main topics: (1) Economic Models & the Future of Labour; (2) Inclusion & Gender; and (3) Data. 

If you would like to take part in the upcoming programme from 19 to 21 November, apply to participate in the activities organized at the Sharing Cities Action Stand Lab.

Over three days, the Sharing Cities Action Stand Lab will host various activities, making it the perfect chance to get to know the Sharing Cities ecosystem and have an impact on 700 cities and more than 21,000 attendees at the Smart City Expo World Congress.

 Please note, the call for participants will remain open until 27 September 2019 


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1. How to join?

Be one of the Exhibition Area's selected projects

Present your project to the entire sharing cities ecosystem in a privileged space within the Smart City Expo World Congress. Last year, 70 projects took part in the stand's Exhibition Area.   Exhibition Area 2018

Participate in the Open Forum

Hold an activity in the Stand Lab's main area. In 2018 more than 100 speakers took part in panels, group talks and open debates. Open Forum 2018

Offer a workshop in the Hacking Area

Would you like to conduct a workshop with everyone from the Sharing Cities ecosystem who is attending the Encounter? The Stand Lab has a designated space where you can carry out hacking sessions, activity mapping or any other kind of workshop or hands-on group activity. Hacking Area 2018

Join the researchers’ networking hub activities

As research plays such an important role in the Encounter, the Stand Lab wants to give researchers and research initiatives a chance to connect and present their research into sharing cities and the platform and collaborative economies. Feel free to join the community of researchers attending or to suggest your own specific workshop, roundtable or talk. Researchers' hub 2018

Attend the Data Commons Manifesto datathon session

Come to the Datathon session based on the Come to the datathon session based on the Data Commons Manifesto (part of the Decode project) and help spread digital commons knowledge! Last April more than 50 experts signed a manifesto for data sovereignty and commons. This collective action proposed adopting alternative data management models that are more transparent and democratic as a way of combatting surveillance capitalism.

Attend the GenderDataLab workshop

Bridging the gender gap in the digital sphere must be made a top priority by the world's governments. At the GenderDataLab workshop we will take a look at various initiatives that show how useful data analytics can be in identifying and visualizing diverse gender indicators. The goal is to create fairer and more equal policies in all the sharing cities that have identified data as a common good.


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2. Who is taking part? Meet the Ecosystem

As a result of the 1st call for participants of the Sharing Cities Action Encounter 2019, and after the evaluation of the Advisory Board, we are very happy to announce the first confirmed participants that will be joining the Sharing Cities Action Stand Lab Ecosystem. If you would like to take part in the upcoming programme from 19 to 21 November with the ecosystem, apply for the 2nd call for participants! There is time until the 27th of September.

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3. Pre-programme


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